La Défense, Paris


Vensai is building an employee-centric organization to pioneer innovation and change for our clients.
Specializing in Application Development, Infrastructure, Cloud, and Testing services, Vensai has become a technology partner of choice to the world’s top organizations. Our world-class software analysts and engineers deliver long-term strategic business value along with true cost advantages to help our clients realize process optimization and capitalize on growth opportunities.


Founded in 2001, Vensai’s mission is to deliver Quality, Value and Change to every client, every time. We build practical and highly competitive solutions that will ensure business results and facilitate the growth and development of business operations in an increasingly competitive environment.


Vensai is building an employee-centric organization with the goal of pioneering innovation and change in our industry. We aim to become a global leader by championing the best interests of end users and organizations across various industry verticals on a global scale.

Core Values

We at Vensai have an insatiable hunger for growth. We go the extra-mile to satisfy our clients and partners, focusing on application development verticals to reduce project risk for our clients and improve both cost-effectiveness and time-to-market for their performance-critical systems.