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White Papers


Vensai Logistics SolutionsDownload

Business success is increasingly linked to the effective management of international logistics. The increase in low-cost country sourcing and rising sales to international customers have prompted companies to seek new ways to manage the costs, complexities, and uncertainties of moving goods across borders.

Vensai Technologies OverviewDownload

Vensai Technologies, Inc. is a boutique consulting firm providing software development solutions for the world's top Healthcare and Logistics companies.

Vensai Business Integration ServicesDownload

Business information today is too valuable and moves too fast to wait for paper. Real-time data exchange is the goal, and the protocols necessary for accurate and secure transmission are rapidly becoming a requirement of doing business with trading partners, exchanges, and in complex supply chain relationships.

Vensai Offshore Solutions


Leveraging the cost savings and speed-to-market that offshore software development can deliver is now standard practice for organizations whose competitive advantage hinges on high-performance technology systems.

Vensai Professional Services OverviewDownload

Great people deliver great results. In an increasingly competitive and ever-changing market, your advantage hinges on your ability to quickly assemble high performance teams who can deliver innovation.

Vensai Technologies IBM Websphere ServicesDownload

IBM's WebSphere® software provides innovative middleware tools for service-oriented architecture (SOA) environments, enabling reliable Enterprise Application Integration, enhancing overall business performance, increasing the flexibility of business processes, and reducing IT costs.

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