About VTrack

  • Product is developed by Vensai Technologies and can easily customized based on the client need/requirement..

  • VTrack consistes of multiple modules in-terms of

  • Employee Management Information System
  • Leave Management System
  • Material Request
  • Expense Claim
  • Travel Request
  • Time Sheets
  • Functionalities access based on logged in user, Different users can login to V Track to input, modify or access critical data in a highly efficient manner

  • Dashboard for displaying the key data

  • Email Notifications workflow for Approvals/Rejections

  • Search and Advanced search Options to fetch the key data.

  • Monthly /  Yearly Reports of All Employees

  • Document Management (Upload / Download documents.)

  • Easily configurable and accessible from multiple locations as its deployed in Web

  • Very loosely couple modules (Individual deployments for each module), so that we can modify and deploy each module without  interfering/interacting with other modules, Maintenance will be very easy

  • Developed the product using proven Technologies/Frameworks in Java like Struts, Hibernate.

  • Used Ajax, JSON for increasing performance on client server communication.

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