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Vensai Data Engineering Services has proven expertise architecting, developing and managing Structured and unstructured enterprise data storage and retreival systems. Businesses today have access to more information than ever before, and data underpins everything we do in today's business world. Businesses need a better way to manage information in the face of escalating compliance requirements, the proliferation of data stores, the need for metadata about those data stores, and more sophisticated business requirements for information.

Our data engineering services provide cost-effective information management solutions that enable improved operations, reduced costs, and accelerate the use of business knowledge. Concerned with the life cycle of information assets, data engineering provides three major categories of service:

1. Data Architecture - Develops the plan for integrating and aligning information resources to the enterprise strategies, designs the data architecture, and establishes the framework for information governance.

2. Data Analysis - Develops information models and defines the information standards, using tools and processes to understand and document data structures.

3. Database Administration - Defines, designs, implements, manages, supports, and operates databases and database environments. Designs and implements migrations, moving and managing data, database conversions, and data archival.

The following table highlights the methods, industry standards, tools, and training we use for our Data Engineering Capability.

Data Engineering Capability Details


The Data Engineering (DE) Services has developed and continues to update globally deployed, world-class best practices for all DE services, including:

·    Processes tightly integrated with Agile

·    A toolset aligned with the Vensai Applications Engineering Toolkit (VAET)

·    Standards integrated with Agile Application Architecture (A3)

Industry Standards Alignment

·    The Data Engineering Capability supports standards, frameworks, and certifications for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Informatica.

·    Data Services also has expertise and experience delivering solutions using MySQl, PostreSQL, Hadoop, DynamoDB, RDS, RedShift, Elastic MapReduce.


·    Borland® Together® Architect

·    Casewise Corporate Modeler

·    Troux Metis

·    CA ERwin®

·    Informatica tools


·    Foundational training

·    Technical training for each job role and technology

·    Offering-specific training

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