VTrack Product Overview

  • V Track System Overview
  • Different Modules in V Track
  • Leave Management System
  • Material Request
  • Travel Request
  • Advantages of V Track

VTrack System Overview

  • Product developed by Vensai Technologies, to Vensai Employees to improve their overall operations through increased visibility to key data
  • Different users can login to V Track to input, modify or access critical data pertaining to the Employee in a highly efficient manner
  • Benefits of V Track Application:
  • Deployed in a server, which can be accessed through web from any where.
  • Very loosely coupled modules - Individual war files for each module, so that we can modify and deploy each module without interfering other modules
  • Used Java for development, Struts+Hibernate combination which has a proven track record for delivering web based products
  • Reduced cycle times by NOT sharing data through documents/spreadsheet and e-mail transmissions.
  • Reduced costs by providing better visibility of Material.
  • The Ultimate benefit is improved communications, reduced cost and reduction in errors.