(V-Pat) Performance & Time Management System

The objective of V-Pat system is to capture the Time spent on Each & Every task for Projects executed at any organisation.

V-Pat system needs a Time Tracking system, where-in each and every employee’s project related tasks needs to be captured and monitored, right now there is no system in place to capture this information.

An employee timesheet is a method for recording and tracking the amount of an employee's time spent working. The employee timesheet can report total hours worked or time spent working on a specific task or job. The hours worked provide a record for time for Billable & Non-Billable hours.

If Used in project management, employee timesheets improve project execution and decision-making. According to one definition, it is a document or a program that tracks the number of hours you work, either in one week or on a particular project. In other words, an employee timesheet is a record that you can look back on to find out how much time you spent doing something.

V-Pat System developed for employees to track the number of hours worked for payroll. However, these timesheets are no longer used just for payroll. Employee timesheets are used to record the start and end time of tasks or simply the duration of the task. Employee timesheets may contain a detailed breakdown of tasks accomplished by the employee. The information can be used for project costing, job estimation, tracking, management, client billing and payroll.

Tracking time can reduce an organization's costs by making payroll processing more efficient, by making costs visible so you can lower them, and by automating billing & invoicing. Tracking time can also increase revenue through automated billing. Automated billing facilitates client invoicing by providing access to accurate data for all the hours worked by consulting staff. This in turn expedites the invoicing process avoiding billing backlog. In turn, payments are received much faster and the inconvenience of missed bills is eliminated.

VPAT Application Flow

Step 1

Finance Manager create the customer

Step 2

Finance Manager create the Work Order

  • One Customer can have many Work Orders
  • Work Order Number is Auto Generated as WO_0001
  • Customer Id also Auto Generated as CUST_001

Step 3

Delivery Head will create the project for a particular Work Order

Step 4

Delivery Head will assign that project to a Manager

  • One Work Order can have many projects
  • Project Id is Auto Generated as PRJ_0001

Step 5

Project Manager will map employees to that project


Project Manager will Create Tasks for the assigned projects

  • One Project can have may tasks
  • Task Id is Auto Generated as TSK_0001
Vtrack Chart