Travel Request Process Flow




Requesting Employee


Initiate Request
REQUESTER Submits information related to a Travel Request Indent on vTrack Application by filling all the required information. Once it is submitted all the information will be recorded in the Database and an Email will be triggered to Manager & Finance Team

Approver Employee


The request will be logged as a Travel Request



Classifying Travel Requests.
As of now there is no classification required for Travel Requests all requests whether its Air/Rail/Road all will be directed to Reporting Manager for Approval.



If this is Travel Request is a valid one and is very much needed for the company, Manager will Approve the Travel Request, By logging into vTrack application and accessing the Travel Request module.. Once Approved an Email will be triggered to the Requesting employee and a copy of the Email will be sent to all the stack holders who needs this information (like Finance, HR and other Management).



Once the Travel Request is Approved, It’s the Finance Team’s responsibility to Book the Tickets/Hotel etc, Finance Team will work on this and will inform the Requester regarding Tickets and will send the Tickets/upload the tickets to the V-Track Application.



Finance Team will take care of providing the Advance (if any) and update the same information in system.

Finance Team


Requesting Reimbursement/ Expense Claims
An Approved Travel Request is ready to get Reimbursement/ Expense Claims, The Requester(User) logs into vTRACK application and access the Expense Claims page which is linked to Approved Travel Request and fills all the Expense details (with necessary attachments/bills) and submits it to Finance Team.
An Email will be triggered to Finance Team regarding the Expense details.



Finance Team will Validate the Accuracy of the Expenses, Once validated they will send out an Email to Management for final approval of the settlement of payment.



Management will login to the Application and cross check the claim and Approve/Reject based on the accuracy of the submitted expense details, If any discrepancies those will be highlighted and Rejected it back to the Finance Team.



The Finance Team will settle the Amount and an email will be sent to the user regarding settlement of the Payment.Travel Request will be saved in the system with all the details.

Travel Request Module

Travel Request Overview

  • Travel management system provides access to users to raise the travel request and help management to keep track of travel details.
  • Once user log in into the application based on the roles home screen visible
  • User can apply travel request with multi trip and multi accommodations.

  • Once the user applies the travel request immediately an email notification will be triggered to the management.
  • Notification consists of employee information and Travel information(including accommodation details and no of persons included).

  • Management can approve or reject the travel. If approves or rejects the travel request notification will be triggered to the requester.
  • Notification consists of response for approving/rejecting the travel from approver.
  • If Approves finance team will book the tickets and accommodations as the request.

  • Once trip completed, the user is able to submit the expense report to the management
  • The finance team cross check the expense report and reject/approves the report.
  • Once finance team approves, the final settlement will done by management.

Travel Workflow

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