Leave Management System

LMS Overview

  • Leave management system provides access to users to apply a leave and help managers and HR Team to keep track of leave details.
  • Once user logins into the application based on the roles home screen visible
  • User can apply leave on available leaves types like privilege leave, sick leave etc.

  • Once the employee applies the leave immediately an email notification will be triggered to the approver.
  • Notification consists of employee information and leave information.
  • Once the approver login into the application, employees applied leaves will be displayed.

  • Approver can approver or Reject the leave. If approves or rejects the leave a notification will be triggered to the employee.
  • Notification consists of response for approving/rejecting the leave from approver.
  • Once the employee applies the leave the leaves duration will be deducted from the available leaves of that employee.

  • If the employee takes all leaves provided by the management , then afterwards employee leaves calculated as Loss of Pay.
  • Admin can view all leaves applied by the employee.
  • Manager/Employee can generate Monthly or Yearly reports of selected year and month.

LMS Management Flow


  • Apply Leave
  • Approval
  • Cancellation
  • Reports


  • Email will be triggered to reporting Manager and copy of the Email will be sent to Employee and HR
  • Manager can either Approve/Reject/Comment on the Applied leave. Email will be triggered to Employee and copy to HR on the Approval or Rejection.
  • Employee can cancel the Leave before the Manager Approve/Reject the leave.
  • Employee can generate reports based on the year and monthly criteria.
Vtrack Chart